Recent Work

How I Learned to Stop Worrying and Make Peace with my Picky Eater // Romper
You know what comes next: the universe issued me a child custom-built to subvert my ego.

Do You Hate Me For My Yard? // The Cut
The complex resentment leaderboard I’ve been tabulating in my mind makes less sense as a hierarchy for me lately. It’s come to feel instead like a dense web, a rich tapestry of resentment knitting us all together.

The Exhausting, Lucrative World of Childhood Sleep Consulting // Vox, The Goods
Often, parents who seek out sleep consultants have tried everything, or they’re just too wiped out to try anything. “I ask [parents], ‘Have you read the books? What have you tried?’ And they say, ‘I’ve bought the books, but I don’t have time to read them, I’m too tired.’” Stevens said.

Void Where Prohibited // Everything Happened
There is a middle place between death and adventure, the place where I usually get to live, where I can ignore that I’m at the edge of a void, just a fractured moment away from bottomless pain.